[theora] oggcat or other ways to combine theora videos (with or without re-encoding)?

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Sun Sep 20 09:11:28 PDT 2009

> > These packets are returned by theora and vorbis encoders:
> [snip]
> >> Ogg has two relevant framing constructs, the page and the packet. Ogg
> >> packets are not explicit numbered.
> >
> > Aren't they? What's that packetno-field stands for?
> No.

hm .. 

I change that in my code - however, it would be good to have some hints about the usage of the ogg_packet structure during encoding and decoding in the API. If there is some, I am sorry! And I would be glad to know where.

- Yorn

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