[theora] Optimised ARM Ogg/Theora/Vorbis decoder

Robin Watts theora at wss.co.uk
Sat Sep 19 06:19:20 PDT 2009

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          Robin Watts <theora at wss.co.uk> wrote:
> This is a note to announce the availability of "Ogg Theorarm", an
> optimised ARM implementation of decoding libraries for the Theora
> video code, and Vorbis audio codec from xiph.org.
> Full details of this code release can be found at
> <http://www.wss.co.uk/pinknoise/theorarm>, but highlights include:
> [Snip]
>  * Uses ARMv4 instructions only (no reliance on Xscale SIMD or
> ARMv5/v6/v7/NEON).

I've started to revisit the hotspots, rewriting the code to use ARM
v6 SIMD extensions, but I am unable to test it due to not having an
appropriate device. If anyone out there has a suitable device and
would be prepared to test my code on it, please get in touch!

I hope to look at using v7 or NEON instructions as appropriate too.


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