[theora] Is it a bug?

Stefan Gürtler mail at stefan-guertler.de
Fri Sep 18 12:28:42 PDT 2009

Hi mesecam

First thing to say is sorry for braking the thread, but I have just 
signed up to the list. So i can not directly reply to your mail.

You claim to have performed a two-pass encoding, but from the command 
line you give, i can just see you performing a first pass:

ffmpeg2theora -x 720 -y 400 -V 1075 --noaudio --aspect 16:9 -K 240
--optimize --soft-target --first-pass theora2pass.log -o test.ogv

Did you run a second pass using '--second-pass theora2pass.log', too?
Did you try to run both passes in one go using the parameter '--two-pass'?

ffmpeg2theora -x 720 -y 400 -V 1075 --noaudio --aspect 16:9 -K 240
--optimize --soft-target --two-pass -o twopass.ogv my_file.avi



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