[theora] Optimised ARM Ogg/Theora/Vorbis decoder

Robin Watts theora at wss.co.uk
Thu Sep 17 07:42:45 PDT 2009

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> Whoa ! That sounds excellent ! With all those portable multimedia
> players out there it will be perfect. Do you think a player
> compatible with the Android platform could be done easily ?
> Congratulations !

Sadly, I don't have an Android device, so I can't look into that
myself. I'd hope it should be possible to do something though. It
should be no harder than doing a player on any other platform...

If anyone is interested in trying, talk to me and I'll give you
whatever help I can.

I've tried to contact the Android browser development team to talk to
them about it, but haven't had a response. (Actually, I've tried to
contact all the browser developers I could think of for mobile ARM
based devices and haven't had much luck at all :( )

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