[theora] oggcat or other ways to combine theora videos (with or without re-encoding)?

Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. ortonak at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 15 07:48:29 PDT 2009

hi yorn, i have reported the issue (not a bug possibly) i have e-mailed to this list about "packet number for stream <2> not matching:"  to the support request of sourceforge bug tracker... 

my question for now, is there a safe conversion method to theora, so that i can use these theora files to cat safely with oggcat? i never use oggz-chop.  i am using the latest builds of ffmpeg2theora on windows... or is it about the input files to be converted to theora? if so what is the safe input file format to convert to theora(if there is any or that is the case:)).

as i know, a part of the problem is about vorbis, that cannot be cut at a desired precise point... is there a way to cut the video(video) according to where vorbis(audio) let to be cut, so that there should be no sync problems, 'cos theora can be cut any precise point? no? 

considering michael' comments about firefogg, a simple web app to concatenate would really be great (even more ogg video tools features would be better). sequencer will be also great because native theora editing is not handy even for linux...

another issue for firefogg is that you cannot transcode an ogg file (to different size, bitrate/quality), you get the message "Your selected file is already Ogg or not a video file". 

also i couldn't manage to understand which settings overrides which settings in firefogg and how to re-activate the previosu settings once one is set... for example when i set the bitrate mode(advanced video encoding controls) first and then change my mind to use quality mode, i cannot de-activate the setting i made in bitrate mode ( i got very confused with this after checking the bitrate of the final file with ogginfo)... 

also i think, even if i chose the quality mode, i need to open the "advanced video encoding controls" pop-up just to change the framerate, but this would override quality mode settings to bitrate setting? no? i might be wrong about this but i couldn't manage to understand which settings do effect and override which one and how to change to the previous setting...(i may have not written this part so clear , but someone who uses firefogg frequently with different settings would understand, i guess:)) 

sorry if this list is not appropriate for comments for firefogg and ogg video tools...   

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Subject: Re: [theora] oggcat or other ways to combine theora videos (with or without re-encoding)?

...tonight I updated the sourceforge bug tracker for the ogg video tools, so you can use that as well at


to report any bugs. I have not used it up until now, but it looks quite nice. 

- Yorn

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Subject: Re: [theora] oggcat or other ways to combine theora videos (with or without re-encoding)?

 ...I think general video concatenation would be a good
feature to expose in the firefogg api too ;) That way a simple web app
could concatenate together videos ... 

..At any rate (mostly for Jan) it would be nice if we had pass-through
mode for the render. So if its just an ogg without  overlays or filters
we can just "oggCat" it to the output instead of using the browser
rendered pngs? ...


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