[theora] Accelerated video output with ffmpeg2theora 0.24

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Tue Oct 6 07:23:05 PDT 2009


>> startx wrote:
>>> 3.) using ffmpeg2theora 0.25 nightly build
>> can you try with the nightly:
>>  ffmpeg2theora --inputfps 15/2 double_speed.3gp
>> this looks like another case of the container framerate beeing not the
>> actual framerate. will add the file to the samples with sync issues.
>> am sill searching for a good way to deal with those..

> thx for the tip, this seems to do the trick :)
> http://startx.plentyfact.org/theorastuff/theora-0.25-nightly-15-2.ogg
> the question is how can i detect beforehand if this is needed, as i am
> using it within an application so i can't use my eyes to check the
> result?
i am right now looking at a way to detect it so you dont need the
switch, so far i am collecting samples that fail. if you or someone else
finds a way to use libav* in a way to work around this, i will update
ffmpeg2theora to use that method.


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