[theora] mixed interlaced content and ffmpeg2theora

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Fri Oct 2 04:18:41 PDT 2009

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> dv file from minidv camera - interlaced.
> small dv created by imported jpeg images - not interlaced.
> seems that when I use ffmpeg2theora with deinterlace switch and reduce 
> size, it works. But when the only reduction I am doing is to width 
> (720x480 -> 640x480) the encoder ignores the naturally interlaced bit 
> and uses the last de-interlaced frame.
> Since the small bit made from jpegs is a dv file of its own before 
> merging with the minidv, is there some way I can interlace it so it 
> plays nice? I looked at ffmpeg switches to see if I could interlace it 
> with that before adding it to the minidv source but didn't see an 
> interlace option.

I solved it by using ffmpeg to go from dv->m2v and wav, that seemed to 
allow ffmpeg2theora to encode the video including the copyright notice 
bit (used oggenc for audio) and then I could mux them with oggzmerge.

I don't think interlacing had anything to do with it as I tried 
deinterlacing the main content first and it did same thing.

Ah well, whatever it is, I found a way around it.

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