[theora] encoding image from a webcam

Mircea Gliga mgliga at integrasoft.ro
Thu Nov 26 11:02:15 PST 2009

I've created a test class with an encoder and decoder. I'm creating the 
theora headers and immediately
add them to the decoder. For the first 2 packets th_decode_headerin 
returns positive nr,
at the 3rd packet returns TH_EBADHEADER.
Am I aloud to do that? I'm not using ogg_stream_packetin. I just want to 
encode a picture, resulting an
ogg_packet, then decode it on the client side...

    ogg_packet    op;
    th_enc_ctx    *td;
    th_comment    tc,tc1;
    th_info        theoraInfo,theoraInfo1;
    th_setup_info    *ts1;
        int ret = th_encode_flushheader(td,&tc,&op);
       int ret2 = th_decode_headerin(&theoraInfo1,&tc1,&ts1,&op);
        if(0==ret)  break;

What am i doing wrong here ?

Mircea Gliga

Mircea Gliga wrote:
> Mircea Gliga
> Ralph Giles wrote:
>> 2009/11/25 Mircea Gliga <mgliga at integrasoft.ro>:
>>> [...] Then I allocate a th_enc_ctx handle and repeatedly call
>>> th_encode_flushheader().
>>> Do I have to save this header packets? Do i have to provide this header
>>> packets to the decoder when I
>>> initialize it? Because the documentation says Parse the header packets by
>>> repeatedly calling
>>> th_decode_headerin().
>> Yes, you have to pass the headers into the decoder to configure it to
>> correctly parse the data packets.
>>  -r
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