[theora] encoding on more computers?

Jiri Navratil jiri at navratil.cz
Sat Nov 14 08:50:07 PST 2009


My primary computer is a small netbook. At home I have lot of mostly
very old computers. I'm thinking about creating some cluster (OpenMosix based) or to use the
fastest machine only for video + audio encoding (upload from netbook to
cluster or server and do encoding there)

Could you share with me, if you are using some of these approaches
already and how?

- encoding on more computers in parallel (at least demux, audio
  normalise, audio one machine, video other machine, muxing back OR more
threads each on one separate machine)

- uploading to server, where encoding will be cwdonestarted (cron or trigger based
on listenin to filesystem changes), encoding after full upload or immediatelly?,
ffmpeg2theora binaries for OpenBSD or OpenSolaris?)

- are you using crop or notr? (with crop, there will be need for crop
  details per file)

Thank you,

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