[theora] Better A/V sync and framerate detection in ffmpeg2theora

Andrew Chew andrew at okashistudios.com
Tue Nov 3 20:11:20 PST 2009

On Nov 3, 2009, at 8:07 PM, Jason Self wrote:

> In addition to the indexing mentioned earlier by Chris Pearce,
> improvements to frame rate detection and A/V sync were recently
> committed to ffmpeg2theora. This will help with variable framerate
> video and in other cases where the container specifies the incorrect
> framerate.
> Remember those cases where it would report the framerate as double
> what it really was? That seems to be fixed now. In my testing,
> ffmpeg2theora should now keep lip-synch as well as any DVD player can.
> https://trac.xiph.org/changeset/16650

Sweet!  Is a new official ffmpeg2theora build (.26) imminent?

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