[theora] Why is theora1.1 much more blurry than x264 regarding non moving textures?

Franz Böhm fboehm at aon.at
Tue Nov 3 04:26:22 PST 2009


please have a look at the video frames at http://onebit.at/theora

- First picture is encoded with newest theora (41,2MB)
- Second picture is from the original video
- Third picture is encoded with newest x264 (15,7MB)

Everything done with default codec settings.

Please let me know the technical reason why the moving objects have the 
same quality but the steady background textures are much more blurry 
with theora1.1 compared to x264.
Shouldn't it be vice versa? I though steady objects are the easiest for 

I would also like to note that the file size of the x264 video is only a 
third of the theora video.

This isn't a complain. I like theora! I am just interested in the 
differences between theora and x264.


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