[theora] mobile theora player

Joseph Miller josephcmiller2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 15:22:24 PST 2009

OK, I just spent half the weekend tweaking my encoding parameters to get
exactly the right balance with bitrate and quality for a couple of kid's
movies for my daughter to watch on my mobile phone.  I have to say, much
kudos to the theora devs on the 1.1 release.  Amazing visual quality even
with -v 4 (roughly 400-600 kbps range for this content).  I ended up with a
1:17min video 640x360 29.97fps around 224MB with very livable quality.  I
could now get enough room on my microSD card to have two movies on there,
where MPEG4 could only get one, and with lesser quality (partially due to
encoding parameters).

But where can I find a free mobile theora video player?  TCPMP supports ogg,
but only vorbis, not theora.

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