[theora] Theora/Thusnelda features questions.

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Thu May 21 13:45:05 PDT 2009

Hello... thanks a lot for your feedback!

That's what I love about real open source, the friendly, honest and direct
feedback you get from devs!

Monty: > "For general codec discussions, there are already other good places
to go to, eg, HydrogenAudio for audio and doom9 for video."

.- Yes, I now frequently visit Doom9's forum, that's where I found about
Theora and is an awesome source of information and feedback... though
sometimes really biased towards h.264, but in my tests Theora (Thusnelda)
stands incredibly well, so don't worry, I don't get influenced by biased

Gregory: > "You can achieve the same (or better) effect as a two pass encode
by encoding with the quality knob and iteratively adjusting it until you get
the desired total size."

.- Hey, thanks a lot! I didn't know that!... I'll do some testing with the
quality settings and see how it works but is great to know your opinions
about 2-pass stuff... It would certainly be a nice implementation to get
better results without too much hassle for the user.

Monty: > "...right now, xvid is still a better codec (not surprising,
Thusnelda is not finished.  There's still a major piece of infrastructure
missing in the encoder)."

.- Good to know!... So far I'm very pleased with Thusnelda, and with the
lastest Project Update [290507] I'm impatient to see another Alpha out :)

Monty: > "We will keep up for a period.  On paper, MPEG part 2 and part 10
are considerably more advanced codecs.  However, a codec's quality
performance is only as good as the encoder, and we've got alot of room for
improvement yet (as does MPEG of course).  Eventually, MPEG4 will surpass
Theora for good..."

.- And that's what I call UNbiased feedback :)

Gregory: > "Buzzwords are marketing. We could use some better marketing for

Wise words!... Again, that's what I love about real open source!

Monty: If not in Theora than in a successor.  The only disagreement within
the org is which of those two paths to take.  I'd like to modestly extend
Theora, and Time would like to start fresh.

.- Thanks for the clear answer!... I think is matter of seeing how things
evolve :)

Gregory: > "Theora does half-pel. I'd confused the two. Scratch that one.

Scratched ;)... though now you mention it, is it possible to have
quarter-pixel in Thusnelda? (just out of curiosity).

And again, thanks a lot for the feedback!
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