[theora] ogg, ogm or mkv

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 00:28:25 PDT 2009

> ffmpeg2theora now but it was also great to find a gui for it called
> gfrontend ffmpeg2theora. it can make batch convertion and settings can be

There is a GUI that ships with ffmpeg2theora, using wxPython. It's in
the frontend directory, but you need wxPython installed, which is
probably unlikely on a Windows machine (I assume you're using
Windows, you say PC but don't specify which OS it runs).

> use the latest release of ffmpeg2theora but still the extension will be ogg
> not ogv (although there is skeleton)... these are minor things but confusing
> for regular people...

AFAIK the latest versions of ffmpeg2theora use ogv by default. Current
latest is 0.24 I think.

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