[theora] Theora Video Decoder

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Sat May 23 13:39:39 PDT 2009

> What are the major functions to be called from the decoder.

For the libtheora decoder, you'll want to look at the sample code
that ships with it. It also uses Vorbis for audio.
However, I'm not quite clear if it's been updated to use the new
API yet. But see about liboggplay below.

> Functions to displaying the video in RGB or YUV format.

libtheora will get you YUV planes, and doesn't have any conversion
routines. But see about liboggplay below.

> Something like pointers to starting up developing the solution. We don't
> have much time to spare this time since our timelines are running thin.

It looks like you're still at the stage where you're investigating
what to use, and how. You mentioned the Theora decoder, but
you may want to use a higher level library such as liboggplay(*),
which decodes not only Theora, but also Vorbis, which you are
likely to also want (more bitstream formats too, but Theora and
Vorbis are the usual ones), and does the A/V sync for you.
In addition, liboggplay has YUV to RGB conversion routines,
should you want to do this in software.

(*) liboggplay can be found at:
There's a new main 'info' page somewhere, but I can't seem to
find it. There should be a tarball there, if someone can supply
the link.

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