[theora] Theora control and performance in liboggplay

Shayne Wissler wissler at gmail.com
Mon May 18 17:13:51 PDT 2009


I posted previously regarding seeking support for ogg streams. The
suggestion I got was to use liboggplay, and it works well for seeking, but I
have a few new problems.

1. I would like to call  theora_control in order to get/set PPLEVEL in order
to fine-tune performance under high-CPU load situations. However, it looks
like the relevant theora data structure is inaccessible.

2. I noticed that liboggplay is copying the entire contents of the decoded
frame into yet another structure before passing it to the user. I would like
access to the original frame from Theora for performance reasons. Someone
informed me off-list that there might be a version of liboggplay that
supports this.

Any suggestions?

 Shayne Wissler
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