[theora] Thusnelda Video Quality

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Tue Mar 31 09:42:47 PDT 2009

on the topic of Thusnelda quality ... is anyone planing on doing a blog 
post showing improvements with samples similar to the stuff Monty posted 
for the original Thusnelda experiments? I think having a before and 
after page (comparing theora to Thusnelda theora )  would be a good 
thing to target our blogging efforts at. (rather than a comparing theora 
to h.264) ...

if proprietary comparisons must be made then we should highlight the 
cost of the proprietary codec in the comparison. ie a h.264 includes 
per-stream per broadcast distribution costs starting in 2010. (when 
distributing above X amount). http://tinyurl.com/cwhf4e  ie it appears 
it's "$0.02" per stream over 12 minutes when charging per title? or when 
distributing "for free" when you have a million viewers your looking at 
100k? .. its kind of hard to decifer what exactly the costs would be for 
running a site..

the core issue is that you can't legally distribute the encoder/decoder 
in free software in most countries. This fundamental issue should be 
highlighted ... maybe point to a "null" file to show what free software 
users and the children of the developing world XO's can see when you use 

As Gregory point out we need to shape the message as theora is "free", 
much higher quality than before and patent unencumbered. Not theora is 
better in absolute "quality" terms.


Jason Self wrote:
> Wow.
> Let me say that again, just in case you missed it.
> Wow.
> The quality looks to be on par with what I get out of H.264, but
> Theora has the added benefit of free and open source software with no
> patent worries so I can use it with a clean conscience. Thanks,
> everyone.
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