[theora] ThePirateBay.org take advantage of HTML5's <VIDEO>

dark lord darklord2007 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 10:25:33 PDT 2009

I am really noob but wanted to know why and how Ogg fit in for video
sharing site like dailymotion and other's site's. I mean wht features
makes ogg a good contender for specificly video sharing site sites.

Plz give me some technical detail

On 6/28/09, Sam Arthur Allen <dev at atshop3d.com> wrote:
> Word just came in from TorrentFreak that ThePirateBay.org have been
> working on a streaming video website for countless months that takes
> advantage of the free media formats OGG, Theora and Vorbis.
> While filesharing in itself is a controversial subject, this will place
> HTML5's <VIDEO> and <AUDIO> tag--and more importantly the OGG
> Theora+Vorbis multimedia format--in the spotlight of countless people.
> This is also convenient for FireFox (and GNU IceCat) as the new point
> release version is getting closer to its official public release.
> Congratulations to ThePirateBay.org team for making this possible.
> Related links:
> TorrentFreak's coverage on the subject:
> http://torrentfreak.com/the-pirate-bay-launches-youtube-competitor-090627/
> The Video Bay:
> http://thevideobay.org/
> --Sam
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