[theora] Further bug discovered with the Directshow decoder

Yamuna Jivana dasa ykhandoo at webmail.co.za
Tue Jun 16 11:10:10 PDT 2009

Hi good people,
Just to inform:
I finally fed FFMpeg2Theora with a .VOB input, and the .OGV output produced played back beautifully in VLC, both audio and video.  However, the same output .OGV file gave clicks and pops in the audio when fed through Directshow programs.  I played it through Windows Mediaplayer as well as through Winamp, with the same crackles in the audio, and this leads me to assume the problem might be directshow-dependent, especially since VLC plays the audio crisp and clean.  Through Directshow both in Winamp and Windows MediaPlayer, , It sounds like an old CD that has developed that "static" sound throughout the audio.

Winamp still produces the upsidedown video as we've already identified.

Seems like Directshow has a bit of way to go before we can safely call for public release, but I must say, it's marvelous thus far for a team of people who do this as a charity project!

Also, I've figured that when using the --Optimize switch in FFMpeg2Theora, it does correctly assume the correct output filename.ogv  from input filename.vob.  It is probably only a problem using -Speedlevel 0.  Sorry for miss-reporting earlier.  Also, my experience with that result was when feeding a .avi file so not sure with other formats.

Also still not sure why videos from my digital camera whose audio is 11025 sampling speed,, outputs to a distorted scrambled sound result in the ogv output.  Video is just fine.

On my server, you can find the Animals.vob file from which I replicate the problem with the "static" sound in the audio, as well as the .ogv output.
You can also find the "Lion.avi" file from my digital camera along with the .ogv output whose audio is highly distorted and scrambled beyond recognition.

Please forgive the fact that once I reach my bandwidth limit on the server, you will get very very slow downloads.  Note that I will remove the server from 1 July as I will not want to lose all my limited bandwidth for another month.  I'm doing just that this month for the sake of helping development.  It's the least I can offer for the efforts of this great team.

And finally: Does anyone know where to find accessibility tips using VLC player for visually impaired users?  I am one such user, really struggling to access the interface with Jaws for Windows, especially the menu bar which only speaks the first pull-down item once you pull down any menu item from the main horizontal pull-down.  Also, Jaws cursor only sees the title bar and some graphics.

If not done so already, I would like to get something going on accessibility tips and tricks for VLC Player, as it is such a great program which can read so many Video formats.

Kindest regards to all, from here in South Africa.


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