[theora] Add an intro to a theora file without re-encoding?

Yorn yorn at gmx.net
Thu Jul 23 03:51:54 PDT 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 11:20:01 you wrote:
> I confirm that your solution works fine on both kinds of videos I
> experimented with. The time to resample the input video is acceptable
> (approx. 5 minutes for a 1 hour video).
> I still have warnings with my output file, though. Would you mind have
> yet another look, please? All the input and output files (+ my script)
> are available on http://free-electrons.com/issues/oggvideotools-jul23-2009/
> $ogginfo output.ogv
> Processing file "output.ogv"...
> Warning: Expected frame 5265, got 5266
> Warning: Expected frame 5270, got 5269
> Warning: Expected frame 12663, got 12664
> What do you think?

I think you are one of my favorite beta testers ;-). 

But back to the problem: 
Does the video plays good for you at that position(5265/25=210.6s)?
I remember having an issue with the caches and large frames (typically I-
frames) so if one I-frame is not correct, the video would look crappy at this 
position and the following P-frames (mostly 63 frames). Maybe I have not 
applied the patch to solve that. Ill gonna have a look this evening.


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