[theora] Does XiphQT plugin work in Safari?

Christopher Blizzard blizzard at mozilla.com
Sat Jul 18 10:13:32 PDT 2009

On 7/18/2009 12:53 PM, Werner Randelshofer wrote:
> <video width="640" height="360" controls="controls" autoplay="autoplay">
> 	<source src="video_for_everybody.ogv" type="video/ogg" />
> </video>
> Unfortunately, the video works now only in Firefox.
> Does the XiphQT plugin not work in Safari at all, or are there some
> settings that I can adjust?
If you try it without the type="video/ogg" does it work?  If so I 
_think_ this is a known bad interaction between the mime type mappings 
of the XiphQT plugin and how WebKit gets its mappings for video 
support.  I believe that it's fixed by hard coding some mime types in 
the WebKit nightlies which means it will likely be fixed in a later 
Safari release.


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