[theora] Fwd: ffmpeg2theora 0.24 regression: accelerated video output (converted from h264)

xiphmont at xiph.org xiphmont at xiph.org
Thu Jul 16 06:22:01 PDT 2009

>> This is an all too common error with ffmpeg not correctly identifying
>> the input fps.
> Hi Keith!
> Nice shot! Adding "--inputfps 25 -F 25" fixes my issue.

It has become a common tactic for containers to always declare 1000fps
or some other absurdly large value, and let the PTS on the video/audio
packets dictate the actual sync.  For a fixed-framerate codec, you can
just guess the actual fps figure and it will be reasonably obvious
when you're right.  For truly VFR codecs (like wmv), you may need
fancier options to deduce and enfore a framerate.


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