[theora] HTML 5 drops open-source video codec

Gregory Maxwell gmaxwell at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 21:15:21 PDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 12:07 AM, Yanito Candra<pitulloz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Link here http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-318208.html
> Will H264 become web standard in the future?

False dichotomy. In terms of HTML5 standardization H.264 is even worse
off than Theora is, since encumbered technology is forbidden as a
matter of W3C policy.

The standard merely recommends nothing now, rather than something specific.

The real question should you be asking "is proprietary flash the
future of the web?" because everyone being stuck using flash is the
real risk of not having a just-works-everwhere baseline for the video

The headline is also misleading: Theora and Vorbis were removed as a
recommendation from the HTML5 draft over a year ago now. All the video
tag adopters so far, except for Apple, have shipped it anyways.

Right now Theora is the #1 codec for video tag adoption, both in terms
of content provider support and client support, as far as I know.

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