[theora] Encoding QT to Theora

Laurent Fraisse lfraisse at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 01:25:40 PST 2009


We're currently editing a video advertizing Firefox and plan to release it
exclusively encoded with Theora during a couple of days (before it hits
YouTube, DailyMotion...).

Editing is done with Final Cut Pro so sources are QT files. What is your
experience of encoding QT to Theora?
For the time being we are not down to testing xiphQT so we're looking for
general advice.

Thank you all,


PS. thanks too for mentioning archive.org, we'll need that kind of channel
to make the video public. Also if you are willing to be an early seeder of
the Theora file, leave me your e-mail. Release is planned for Jan. 26th, the
day Firefox 3.1b3 goes out.
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