[theora] online service to host/share theora&vorbis encoded ogg files

saulgoode at flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com saulgoode at flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com
Wed Jan 7 07:33:04 PST 2009

If you upload an OGG video to archive.org then both the original OGG  
file and a derived H.264 MPEG-4 will be provided for download (see  
their recent policy change at:

Is Archive.org unacceptable because they are producing the derived  
MPEG-4 download and you want your video to ONLY be available in OGG  
format? That choice is certainly yours to make and I won't try to  
convince you otherwise; I just wanted to clarify that Archive.org will  
also offer the original OGG version.

Quoting Orton Akinci <ortonak at yahoo.com>:

> hi,
> i am looking for a free hosting / file transfer service to share   
> theora and vorbis encoded ogg videos. i have been making a series of  
>  contemporary art projects titled "a copyleft crowdsourcing  
> free/open  source project" with art students in gropus of 50-120. as  
> a part of  the project we want to share the video and audio content  
> created for  the project as copyleft and  free/open source. that's  
> why i am  looking for a service that won't conflict with the idea of  
> copyleft  and open source. i need a service to host for download and  
> share big  theora and vorbis encoded ogg files without time limit.  
> unfotunately  vimeo doesn't support theora. archive org accepts  
> theora but  converts it to mpeg2 for download. rapidshare, yousendit  
> etc all  have time and file size limitations. wikimedia doesn't work  
> for me  either.  i found a service called wikiupload.com but it  
> doesn't seem  a trustable service.
> shortly i need a service to host/share big theora & vorbis encoded   
> ogg files without time limit that also supports open source   
> ideology. i will share the links of 3 projects i have already done   
> with you as soon as their websites are ready.

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