[theora] X-Content-Duration HTTP header

Chris Pearce chris at pearce.org.nz
Wed Dec 30 17:25:37 PST 2009

On 12/31/2009 1:32 PM, Jason Self wrote:
>> Whole seconds is too coarse, we've encountered plenty of cases with
>> HTML5<audio>  where people have short audio samples which are less
>> than
>> a second long, and having the duration rounded up or down way is
>> annoying.
> If it's less than a second long, wouldn't they just play it through?
> Is there even a need to seek around inside something so small?
It's more so that the seek bar UI displays a valid duration, and is able 
to represent the playback position while playing. If the duration is 
rounded down to 0 the playback position can't move while the short sound 
is played back. If the duration is rounded up, when the sample finishes 
playing, the playback position jumps from wherever it is to the seek 
bar's end time, which looks a little funny. Or we have to adjust the 
duration in the UI when we discover that the media ended before or after 
the reported duration.

It's annoying, but it's not a show stopper. I'd rather it wasn't annoying.

Chris P.

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