[theora] Http adaptive streaming for html5

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Sun Dec 20 19:49:35 PST 2009

Conrad Parker wrote:
> Right, so I think the main thing to spec out first is the use cases. I
> guess from Michael's point of view, the content site is both in charge
> of the videos and the html, so it's ok for the web page to list all
> the optional sources.
> However if the web page and the content are from different places (eg.
> a random blog article embedding a youtube/tinyvid/whatever video) then
> the blog author can't be expected to know all the options or be
> authoritative for them, and it makes more sense to simply link to a
> single media type which then describes the options.
> I think it's useful for people to be able to take video that is
> published under the first scenario and link to it externally -- to
> simply be able to take the contents of <video src="..."/> and copy
> that into their blog. I think listing all the options in the markup
> would make that difficult; I think the list of options should be under
> the control of the video host, and they should be able to change them
> over time (eg. offering more versions for more popular videos).
> Conrad.

True, same goes for subtitles which is why ROE might be nice since it 
takes timed text into consideration as well.

Silvia did a good post outlining the major solutions to this problem of 
exposing the structure of a composite media source:


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