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> Ok, there are many organisations that
> are wanting to use different
> kinds of rights description languages.
> But it's the software around it that is important.
> If there is only software to work with the xml files, then
> why throw
> it into a ogg file?
> You could as well distribute the xml and the ogg file
> separately with
> the xml file pointing at the ogg file.
> All existing tools deal with that. Packaging might be as
> simple as a tarfile.
> I'm asking from the point of view of having tried putting
> metadata
> into binary media files and having spoken with e.g. Adobe
> about this
> and hearing everywhere that it's a lot easier to keep the
> xml files
> and the binary media files separate. For example, the
> workflow
> processes can all deal much easier with this - and programs
> have no
> problem with these either.
OK, so I put the CMML in the Theora, and put the REL XML in its own file

Tom sparks

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