[theora] Sampling encoder timings between libtheora-1.0 & libtheora-1.1beta3

Bernard Jungen bjung50169 at euphonynet.be
Sun Aug 30 06:24:33 PDT 2009

On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 10:11:59AM +0800, Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
>    1. planet-earth-360x240.yuv4mpeg - A clip from the Discovery/BBC
>       series Planet Earth from DVD 1, the "Mountains" chapter - the
>       first 5000 frames (I dropped half the fields to get non-interlaced
>       video, then rescaled)

You can properly deinterlace the clip with e.g. the yadif or pp=lb filters of

> All clips were converted to yuv4mpeg format and then copied to /dev/shm
> to remove, as much as possible, any potential outside influences on
> encoder performance.

It's not necessary to use /dev/shm on Linux if you use the time command.

It's also possible to separate conversion to yuv4mpeg and theora compression
into separate processes. Just time the theora compression process then. No

>  Also, no sound
> was included, thus limiting this test solely to Theora encoding.

Good. I think that's what we want.

> All tests were run under Fedora 11, 32 bit, booted into single user mode
> [4].

Again, it's not necessary to do the tests in single user mode on Linux if you
use the time command.

> If there's a lot of interest in this testing methodology, I might put
> together some scripts to make automating, timing, & reporting more
> systematic.  These runs were all basically done manually on the
> command-line.  I even hand-wrote the results down.  ;)

Of course there is interest. Go ahead. It will make testing of different files,
processors and compressor settings and versions by different people much more
easier. Even the simple fact that you'll probably have to do some more tests
will justify scripting!

Thank you.


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