[theora] Seamless web video within reach

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 16:26:42 PDT 2009

> Is the signature from a Certificate Authority that IE trusts?  If not,
> then the UX will probably be much worse than if it is signed with a
> Freemail cert (which is one that IE trusts).  This all depends on what
> the UX would be in each case; if anyone knows, I'd like to find out.

For oggcodecs I have used a free code signing certificate from Unizeto 
Certum (https://www.certum.eu/services/enroll.html?lang=en&oid=1.7)

To quote from http://www.certum.pl/certum/23739.xml#question_109852

"Is CERTUM an Internet Explorer trusted Certification Authority?

Yes. CERTUM certificates are available in IE for XP and 2003 through CTL 
service (automatic certificate storage update at a client’s) or by 
WindowsUpdate for lower systems (W9x, ME, 2K)."

Microsoft lists Unizeto Certum at - Microsoft Root Certificate Program 
Members - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms995347.aspx


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