[theora] <video/> and cross site scripting policy.

Chris Pearce chris at pearce.org.nz
Mon Nov 10 18:04:29 PST 2008

Chris Double wrote:
> I believe it can. I think Chris Pearce, the implementor of the cross
> domain video restriction patch added something in this regard and will
> bring it up on the WHATWG.
Yes, in Mozilla's work-in-progress implementation, an "error" message 
will be fired at the media element when the cross-domain access control 
check is failed. The media element's error field will then be a 
MediaError object with code MEDIA_ERR_NETWORK_SECURITY. This 
code/behaviour isn't yet specified in the HTML5 spec, and the exact 
details may change in future, but there will be some form of notification.

Chris P.

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