[theora] Re: theora Digest, Vol 45, Issue 8

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at yahoo.com.au
Mon Feb 18 17:51:52 PST 2008


>Helmut Pozimski wrote:
> I am really interested in an alternative to the
widely used flash
> video-players. itheora does a really good job by
integrating cortado
> in an easy to use framework to allow the user to
play the file either
> in his own media player or the cortado applet. But
the actual version
> of Cortado has a really grave bug that makes playing
some videos with
> java 1.6 under GNU/Linux impossible. I created a bug
report in the
> flumotion bugtracking system but no one seems to
care about it. The
> last release seems  to be  older than  a year now
and the last commit
> to the code tree  was 9 months ago. Could it be that
they just stopped
> developing cortado?

>I've filed a few bug reports with only one response,
and that was a long 
>time ago. Certainly looks like their focus is
elsewhere, which is a real 
>shame because as far as I'm aware there is nothing
else like it.


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