[theora] Misc: handycam raw to ogg / DVD to ogg

Hannes Hauswedell theora.list at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Wed Feb 13 12:59:26 PST 2008

Am Dienstag 12 Februar 2008 19:20:06 schrieben Sie:
> On 12-Feb-08, at 6:13 AM, Hannes Hauswedell wrote:
> > You could also use Ogmrip to create a vorbis+theora+mkv file. That
> > way you get the benefits of vorbis/theora (being patent free),
> > aswell as the benefits of the matroska container (multiple audio
> > tracks, subtitle
> > tracks...). Matroska is of course a free format as well.
> Cool, I didn't know about this tool.
> Sounds like it would be easy to add support for vorbis+theora+ogg to
> it?
>   -r

Well the dev just added Theora as Codec, because i kept bugging him ;)

He said he doesnt plan on adding ogg, because it is limited to theora as 
video codec (which he doesnt use himself) and has higher overhead (as 
in "space wasted for container"), even for theora.

I think he would accept patches though (which I have no time to make 
right now, although I had it planned...).

Also shrip the CLI to ogmrip is very neat... I planned on making a 
Kommander-Frontend to it, but that got postponed, like so many other 
ideas :\

I think the main reasons for so few "Ogg-Rippers" is that 
mplayer/mencoder can't produce ogg-theora files. The 
Reference-Implementation (aka encoder_example) seems to frighten away 
lots of devs (I dont know why, but I havent used it myself yet).

Btw: I requested that as feature for ffmpeg some time back [1].

Hannes Hauswedell


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