[theora] Theora video seek and loop implementation

Jarosław Socha jaroslaw.socha at codeminion.com
Mon Dec 22 02:56:04 PST 2008


I want to use theora as video playback solution in game engine, so far i 
have successfully implemented basic video playback  (load a file and 
play it in game engine). I have based my implementation on example 
player but i have used new theora functions (the th_ ones).
It works ok, but i have a problem with implementation of video seek and 
loop, i also don't have proper time sync.
I was wondering if there is any sample or a doc that would explain how 
to achieve such functionality. If someone could give me a hint on how to 
approach this i would be most grateful.
I will continue to work on this, and post my progress solution when i 
get one. :)

best regards Jarek

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