[theora] Slideshow with Ken-Burns Effect

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Tue Dec 9 06:43:58 PST 2008

> Nice one!
> I'm curious how you created the Ken-Burns-Effect on the images and
> turned that into Theora.

I do not need any external library (except the xiph libraries). The sliding is handmade ;-). I use a linear interpolation to calculated inter-pixel data in RGB and expect a picture that is bigger then the resulting frame size. The start and endpoints are randomly chosen, but can be set explicitly in the end.
Actually I only can supply an importer for bmp files, as this is a quite easy format (Any help to create importers for other formats would be great).  

> BTW: my firefox3.1 starts with a delay on the audio on that file and
> then is very choppy.

On my system (Mac/ newest firefox 3.1 release) it works fine. However the bitrate is very high, maybe that's the problem.

- Yorn

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