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Mayer, Jim Jim.Mayer at XEROX.COM
Wed Sep 26 14:38:46 PDT 2007

OK... I've since discovered "oggsplit" and removed the audio.  The
"oggsplit" routine complained about the video source I was using so I
switched to another.  Interestingly, when I attempted to play the output
of "oggsplit" on the original video I got the same green rectangle that
I saw here.


The problem file was "senate_proceeding_09-17-07.ogg.anx" from
http://metavid.ucsc.edu/.  The "md5sum" of the file I downloaded was:


454fa0117f0e1fb432f2c4a956712d6b  senate_proceeding_09-17-07.ogg.anx


I have other problems but they deserve a different subject line.


-- Jim



From: Mayer, Jim 
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 6:14 PM
To: 'theora at xiph.org'
Subject: ignoring audio in player_example


I'm interested in ignoring the audio stream in a theora encoded file.
My first attempt was to remove the test for vorbis:


      /* identify the codec: try theora */

      if(!theora_p && theora_decode_header(&ti,&tc,&op)>=0){

        /* it is theora */



      }else if(!vorbis_p && vorbis_synthesis_headerin(&vi,&vc,&op)>=0){

        /* it is vorbis */




        /* whatever it is, we don't care about it */




I simply commented out the "else if (! vorbis_p &&" line.


Unfortunately, the resulting executable displayed a green rectangle and,
when interrupted, crashes.  Clearly I am doing something very wrong!


Any thoughts?  I'm quite new to Theora.




-- Jim


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