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John Kintree jkintree at swbell.net
Thu Nov 15 13:08:35 PST 2007

As far as video playback is concerned, it seems to mostly come down to
how the video is compressed - although Gnash (the open flash player)
still has a ways to go to play flash media as well as the closed source
flash players.

For the Colingo activity and library, we've found it very difficult to
find optimum settings for flash and instead have decided to go with
Theora.  We've managed to find some compression settings that keep the
videos incredibly small with surprisingly good playback quality when
played with Totem.

Arthur Richards

John Kintree wrote:
> There is a new review of the XO laptop at:
> http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4093
> The review is mostly positive.  The most disappointing thing for me
> was, "Flash is also a very processor-intensive application, especially
> Youtube videos.  The video took much longer to load than it took to
> download, and the back of the laptop was getting quite hot.  The video
> showed very noticable frame skip and audio stuttering was also obvious
> throughout the entire clip."
> Perhaps optimizations in the XO Flash player can improve things.
> While I sincerely hope to have a decent experience of viewing YouTube
> videos with my XO, Flash is not the only format for digital video.
> Are there other video formats, perhaps Theora, that play well on the XO?
> Regards,
> John Kintree
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