[theora] ffmpeg2theora 0.19 release

Luis Gonzalez ghempresa at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 18:41:31 PDT 2007

Good release , it works well.And what about to add .ogv output instead of .ogg?http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/MIME_Types_and_File_ExtensionsThanks j.> > New version of ffmpeg2theora,> a command line tool to convert video files to Ogg Theora.> > new in version 0.19>   - use libswscale api>   - add frontend mode and a simple PythonCard Frontend>     (only in svn right now or binary for os x *)>   - support for output larger than 2GB on 32bit systems>   - fix short option -k to output Ogg Skeleton>   - other smaller fixes> > binaries>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.18.linux.bin.bz2>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.18.linux64.bin.bz2>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.18.pkg.zip>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.18.exe> > > source>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.19.tar.bz2> >   http://svn.xiph.org/tags/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.19> > > more info>   http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/> > > j> > * http://v2v.cc/~j/Simple%20Theora%20Encoder.dmg> 
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