[theora] ITheora, a skin for Cortado

ZikZak zikzak at tele2.fr
Sat Jan 27 04:46:16 PST 2007

Luis Gonzalez a écrit :
> I try the link above :
> http://menguy.aymeric.free.fr/theora/demonstration.php
> And the skin looks very good , it makes the posibility to choose to 
> play the Theora file by plugin installed in your system or play by 
> Cortado applet and also have an option to download the Theora file. 
Exactly, you can also embed the call to the applet in another webpage, 
looks like youtube for example.

<object data="http://gameclash.org/theora/index.php?v=Sonic_Wii&t=0" type="text/html" style="width: 340px; height: 280px;"></object>

It is inserted on my test page here: http://home.tele2.fr/crossover/

I'd like to see a link to this ITheora on http://theora.org if possible.


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