[theora] yuv_buffer strides

Ribamar Santarosa de Sousa ribamar.santarosa at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 12:11:29 PDT 2007


is there any place where the possible values for the strides in the
yuv_buffer structure is specified? or just in the source code? ;)

I could compress a video with, lets say, yuvbuf.y_stride =
yuvbuf.y_width, so the yuvbuf.y[0] really started in the start of the
y channel data. I watched the video in several players, and
everythings' ok. But, when programming the decompress process, the
strides were negative, and, so, yuvbuf.y[0] indicated the end of the y
channel data. Is this true:  positive strides => y[0] starts y channel
data; negative strides => y[0] ends it?  (again, are strides values
specified anywhere?)

Thanks in advance

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