[theora] example sources

Kostas Kostiadis kos at climaxgroup.com
Mon Apr 30 04:11:12 PDT 2007

Excellent...I've got things going on my linux box now.
Thx for the feedback.

For the windows build to work, is there no headers/libs/dlls that I can just
drop in?
Normaly (e.g. with SDL, zlib, etc.) you get headers, .lib files that you can
link against, and the DLLs for runtime.

Is there no such thing available for theora?
If not, what's the best way to distribute a build to other people (if there
are no dlls)?


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> On 26/04/07, Kostas Kostiadis <kos at climaxgroup.com> wrote:
> > Other than the API reference I haven't found any example code,
> > e.g. the sources for theora_player_example. Are these 
> available anywhere?
> Hi,
> the source for player_example is in the libtheora source tarball, in
> th examples/ directory.
> The link to the libtheora source is on www.theora.org.
> cheers,
> Conrad.

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