[theora] Ready for real use?

joao fonseca mr.blue at netcabo.pt
Fri Sep 15 23:56:33 PDT 2006

how about deployment in the nintendo wii next gen console, as I
understand it dvd playback support will be disabled out of the box due
to roalty costs, are any of the theora devs aware of the oportunity
presented here to piggyback a theora / Ogg based media center software
on a comodity hardware with full internet and wifi connectivity on one
of the most sought after apliances of the coming months (nintendo plans
to deploy 4 million before the end of the year), it would be a win win
situation for both parties, widespread hardware support for theora / ogg
(maybe even a streaming client ) and added royalty free mediacenter
capabilities to level the competition for the nintendo wii in the media
center arena

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