[theora] New theora streaming service

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Tue Oct 31 14:34:02 PST 2006

>>>>> "Yorn" == Yorn  <yorn at gmx.net> writes:

>>  nice to see iptv stations appearing and especially here in germany!
>> but it still would be nice to have the "pure" address of the stream
>> in addition to the embedded stream!

> I will discuss this ;-)

I would also like to vote for an embedded stream.  Viewing web-tv
streams on a high-res monitor as tiny-tiny areas in the browser is just
no fun at all.  Especially as I'm using my PC as tv-set and DVD-player
replacement.  Usually I have to use Firefox' page-info (Ctrl+i) or
page-source to get the stream URL and use command-line mplayer for
full-screen high-quality playback.  Having a link to be directly clicked
(or right-clicked -> "copy link location") would be very helpful.

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