[Theora] How to use ffmpeg2theora with DVD Source?

Samuel Torres juicemansam at scccd.org
Tue Mar 21 22:30:31 PST 2006

I generally use mkfifo and follow it with vstrip, and finish it off with 
ffmpeg2theora. Here pretty much what I would do:

mkfifo temp.vob
ls -1 vts_01_[1-6].vob > vob.lst
vstrip @vob.lst -ivts_01_0.ifo -p0 -zotemp.vob 0xe0 0xbd 0x80 &
ffmpeg2theora -o movie.ogg -x 512 -y 384 -A 128 -V 640 temp.vob

The above is just about what I do, with varying options of course. You 
will have to run vstrip every time before ffmpeg2theora, because vstrip 
will exit at the same time as ffmpeg2theora, or before.

qqq qqqq wrote:
> I've made a home DVD from my last holidays.
> Now i want to pass this DVD to Theora , to show in my
> Linux Box.
> I copy all .vob files in my HD.
> I see the program ffmpeg2theora that can convert a lot
> files into Theora , but i don't know how to pass this
> .vob files to ffmpeg2theora.
> How to use ffmpeg2theora with DVD Source?
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