[theora] libtheora-1.0alpha7 release

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Tue Jun 20 15:22:28 PDT 2006


I've done a new alpha release of the libtheora reference implementation. 
This is mostly build fixes from the alpha6 release; I'd failed to enable 
the new MMX asm by default, and the x86 asm code did a relocation that 
caused problems on SELinux.

You can get it in the usual place:


SHA-1 checksums

  ee97d30e0818c27666477113c019d53f15449d3d  libtheora-1.0alpha7.tar.bz2
  839dbb7ef0cb1c3fbfcf788dcecf9e7550427491  libtheora-1.0alpha7.tar.gz
  77f1ab760dadc288234abfa0f21f66652e2317cc  libtheora-1.0alpha7.zip

MD5 checksums

  1bc851e39e4b16977131d5e5f769f48b  libtheora-1.0alpha7.tar.bz2
  55ee3c6db3e0927e7918309891a8f52b  libtheora-1.0alpha7.tar.gz
  3a82e97b3930d124fe3f7a992d84553f  libtheora-1.0alpha7.zip

Thanks to everyone for their help with these fixes!


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