[theora] WebCam with OpenCV

Jere Gmail zon7mail at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 02:00:59 PDT 2006

Hi. I'm trying to do a video-chat program, but I'm currently fighting with
At the moment I'm trying to get a working encoder, but I think I have some
kind of problem related to the YUV format. Seems like the Y channel is ok,
but not the same for the u & v. I'm using OpenCV to capture from the camera.

I'm working over a modified version of the sample encoder and dumpvideo.cfiles.
As you can see, the output file (salida.ogg) has somethig wrong.
The current decoder does not work at all.
If anyone can help me to solve the problem.

I'm using Codeblocks. The source code for the encoder and the decoder is in
this file.

A veces me da por ahi. Otras como que no.
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