[theora] Theora@GP2X possible?

Helmut Pozimski helmutpozimski at web.de
Tue Dec 12 06:40:44 PST 2006

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Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves schrieb:
> It definitively is possible, but like David Kuehling has mentioned,
>  playback will probably be slow without some tuning.  With some
> luck, someone out there will get to do just that.
That's nice to hear, I maybe will try it out later in my attempt to
create a free firmware for the GP2X (the actual one still has some
proprietary components) but at the moment I don't have time for things
like that  and also not yet the knowledge (just stared learning some C).
> You mention a hard drive full of theora videos?  Where do you get
> them?  Wikipedia?  Besides wikipedia I find it hard to spot Theora
>  anywhere--unfortunately.
Well, a few months ago I decided to use theora as my "default codec"
and so I converted every movie I wanted to archive to theora.  Now
there are a few Gigabyte of theora stuff, some of them are videos from
the internet but also DVD-backups and TV-recordings.
> If later you manage to get theora playback working, be kind enough
> to inform the people in this list as it will be useful to know.
Of course, I will keep an eye on that and will tell you when I get
something working.
> Best wishes, Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves
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