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Valentina Messeri vale at poliforma.org
Sun Dec 3 06:29:31 PST 2006

                       :::::::sunday 03/12/2006:::::::::

                 Sevilla 7 pm;      Salvador 3 pm;         Tempe 11 am

It's a performance taking place in 3 different places where 3 dancers
interpretate declarations of humans rights.

In Sevilla the 3 different streams will be processed in realtime on a main
screen and streamed:


You can partecipate following instruction to post text which will be processed
in the main screen too....

More info:




"sólo los estupidos no entienden el arte"

noah at neokast.com" <noah at neokast.com> ha escrito:

> I followed the directions on the Theora website to download the .ax file and
> the Visual Studio project to build the DLL. I then registered the ax file
> using the regsvr32 tool.
> Then I started up the DirectShow tool called 'GraphEdit' where you can see
> all the installed DirectShow filters and create the filter graphs. In the
> list of all DS filters, I could find the following 3 filters:
> Source
> Splitter
> Video Decoder
> The source seems the be the filter to open and read an already Theora
> encoded file. The splitter seems to have only 1 input pin but I'm not sure
> what this would be used for. The video decoder has 1 input and 1 output pin
> and would probably be for decoding a Theora encoded file to be able to play
> it back in the DS video rendering filter.
> I'm now wondering how we would encode e.g. a webcam and microphone input
> with Theora as I can't seem to find an encoder.


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