[theora] Ready for real use?

Luis Gonzalez ghempresa at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 03:40:58 PDT 2006

>Hi all,
>I've been following Theora's progress for a while as the company I work
>for is looking at replacing the use of the MPEG1 codec with a royalty
>free alternative. I have evaluated Theora and I think in its current
>state it is quite close to doing to job as oppose to Dirac which still
>has a very long way to go.
>What I would like to ask is how far from 1.0 is Theora? I see periodic
>updates here and there and in my own tests using the last illuminable
>DirectShow filters release from February (which is quite dated now) it
>seemed close to usable with the only critical bug being that it didn't
>work under Windows 9x. As we are a commercial software producer we're a
>bit nervous about using alpha software but if there is a chance it could
>be finalised in the next year we'd be very interesting in using Theora.
>Keep up the good work guys,

Maybe the "alpha" word for you means unfinished software , but it's only 
beacuse in the roadmap there are some features that are not implement yet.

Theora is so stable now and Theora bitstream format has been frozen , so all 
your Theora files can be showed and worked perfectly now to when Theora 1.0 
will be released.

And also Theora files can be showed in a lot of Operating Systems Linux , 
MacOs , Windows , ...

Take a look at wikipedia for other details : 

If you finally use Theora for commercial software , tell us about it.

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