[theora] XiphQT doesn't export to Ogg Theora

Richard Bair Richard.Bair at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 29 12:28:02 PDT 2006

>> But there is a lack of export Ogg Theora function into QuickTime.
> Yes. Playback was considered a prerequisite, and I think Arek  
> intends to
> work on this eventually. Hopefully asking about it will be  
> encouraging.
>  :)
>> There is a way to open a new ticket for this request?
> Sorry about our bug tracker. At the moment on developers with commit
> access can open tickets, to cut down on the moderation load. I've
> created one:
>   http://trac.xiph.org/ticket/1082

Way, way, cool. I'm also using the decoder plugin for QT, and it  
works great. Getting the encoding plugin is also really important for  
me. It'll be great when it is ready!


PS> The ticket writeup is spot-on. I've got a ton of home video's I'd  
like to easily encode into theora. A quicktime plugin is the easiest  
way for me to do that.

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